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Too often, as a Talent Development professional, you are tasked with the development and learning of entire organizations- but don’t forget about the importance of YOUR learning and growth! Here are some ways you can take care of YOU!

1. Attend the Learning Clinic. Prioritize YOUR learning and development by attending our Learning Clinic on Friday, October 14th, 2016. You still have time to register and take advantage of awesome program! Check out our website to learn more about our 5 different speakers and their topics, ranging from social media to Vertical Leadership Development!

2. Know when to say “no.” Setting boundaries for yourself will allow you to focus on what is really important to you and your goals. Be realistic about what you can deliver and when- you don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver.

3. Get enough sleep. Don’t sacrifice sleep to accomplish other things- sleep allows your brain to recharge and refresh! Being sluggish in the morning isn’t worth the late night.

4. Ask for help. Delegation can be tough sometimes- but allowing others to assist you can pay off in a huge way! Many hands can make light work, and capitalizing on others’ strengths to get the job done is a win for them and a win for you!

5. Keep in touch. Make sure that you are keeping relationships that you care about strong. Grab coffee with an old friend, plan a date night with your partner, spend an afternoon with an aging parent.

6. Do something silly. Don’t forget to have fun! All work and no play is no way to live- be sure to inject some fun in your life! Laughing can help reduce stress- so watch a cat video or two- just don’t go overboard!

7. Reward yourself. Treat yo’ self! After a tough week or an amazing presentation, treat yourself to something fun- like a massage or a fun snack.

8. Get some sunlight. Get out and take a walk on your lunch or just to clear your head, seeing the sun can make all things seem brighter!

9. Power down. Turn off your devices for an evening, or an entire weekend, if you can. Taking that time to literally “unplug” can allow you to attack things later with a clear mind. This might take some change management, if your team is used to getting immediate responses from you, even at 11pm at night- let them know you aren’t dead- you are just unplugged for a few hours.

10. Learn acceptance. Success isn’t about getting everything done- rather, it’s about getting the MOST IMPORTANT things done. 

10 Ways to Develop & Grow YOU

By Yuka Sato

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