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2016 ATD-CIC Board of Directors:

As you may know, eligible ATD-CIC members have the opportunity to vote annually on a slate of candidates to hold office on the ATD-CIC Board of Directors for the upcoming year. Terms typically range from six months to two years. More information on the responsibilities of our chapter Board can be found within our Bylaws.

We are excited to announce that Membership unanimously approved the talented slate of candidates to join our Board of Directors!


Nanette Grant 

Vice President of Operations

Jerry Hogue  

Vice President of Professional Development

Jen Duszynski

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Brittney Helt

Thank you for your commitment to our organization.

ATD-CIC Chapter Committees:

Membership Committee:

Dan Gollnick, Jamie Metelko, Cicero Mukes, Angela Nichols, Darby O'Connor, and Connie Whisner

Programming Committee:

Jen Duszynski, Charity Hudson, Stephanie Sullivan, Bob Thalls, and Patrick Vogt

Learning Summit Committee:

Ana Aguiar, Kristi Gaynor, Kathy Lee, Marcy Lendaro, Angie Nuttle, Caroline Stockhus, and Connie Whisner

2015 ATD-CIC Board of Directors:

MeChelle Callen | President
Michelle Baker | President-Elect
Susan Crawley | Past President
Jody Smrekar | Vice President, Administration
Beth Hopewell | Vice President, Finance
Kristi Gaynor | Vice President, Membership
Brittney Helt | Director, Learning Summit
Jamie Metelko | Director, Networking
Valerie Grover | Executive Director

ATD-CIC Special Interest Groups:

LMS: Patrick Vogt

Coaching: Dan Johnson

eLearning: Betsy Ray, Diane Schabath

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