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Resources for Talent Development Professionals

The Talent Development industry is chock-full of smart, interesting people. Professionals who have a passion for workplace learning and share their insights and ideas with others. Whether you are new to the Talent Development industry or just looking for some great people to follow, here's a starter kit:



ATD National - td.org

eLearning Guildhttp://www.elearningguild.com/index.cfm

Langevin Learning Services - www.langevin.com

Bob Pike Group - www.bobpike.com

Training Magazine Network - www.trainingmagnetwork.com

Articulate eLearning Heroes - www.articulate.com

HRDQ Resources - http://www.hrdq.com

Free Webinars:

Stealth Learning: Microlearning & Opportunistic Education in the Age of Reluctant Trainees- https://www.trainingmagnetwork.com/events/1282?gref=calendar

Leveraging Technology for Social Learning- 


Building Educational Pathways that Engage and Upskill Employees - http://webinar.workforce.com/building-educational-pathways-that-engage-and-upskill-employees


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Have a helpful resource to share? Are you a Talent Development blogger? Know of an interesting person to follow on Twitter? Drop us a note so we can include your favorites here!

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