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Influential Leadership: Mastering the Art of Influence to Achieve Extraordinary Results at Work and in Life. 

With Jennifer McClure (Unbridled Talent)

Everyone wants to be influential, but very few people really understand what influence is.

Influence is not some mystical force that that allows us to control people and get them to do what we want. Quite simply, being an influential leader involves understanding how to work with and through others, in order to achieve desired results.

In an increasingly complex world of work, matrixed organizations, and distributed teams, your title or position isn’t enough to get people to do what you ask. To be successful at your job, you must be able to sell ideas or projects, persuade peers and executives to provide support and/or resources, and get people to do things that they may not necessarily want or need to do.

In this program, you’ll discover how to create, cultivate, and leverage influence in order to create a vision, drive change, lead effective teams, and successfully implement strategic objectives.

Big things can happen for you, for your career, and for your organization when you discover your ability to inspire and compel others to take action.

During this keynote, you will:

  • Discover how communication works, what motivates humans, and how to craft an effective vision that will allow you to lead people to success – regardless of your title or position.
  • Participate as a contributing partner in the organization’s strategic planning process.
  • Develop, influence, and execute strategies for managing organizational change that balance the expectations and needs of the organization, its employees, and other stakeholders.





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