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The 2021 ATD-Central Indiana Chapter Learning Summit

Friday, November 19, 2021


Caveo Learning Presents: ADDIE or Agile?

Which methodology matters more when it comes to employee training? The 

 answer might surprise you.

Join Jeff Carpenter, Caveo Learning CEO and founder, and Mitch Weiss, VCLO and VP of Learning Operations, as they explore how the most

 effective L&D teams in the world measure and improve employee performance using the A2 training methodology—all while saving serious time and money in the process.

You’ll also learn why your choice of methodology is important to your L&D organization’s success, how A² was created and has evolved, and how to start measuring and developing your own people with training that’s 20 percent less expensive and 30 percent faster. During this session, you will learn:

  • Which ADDIE elements to keep and which Agile elements to embrace
  • Why L&D, and you, need a better way to make training
  • How A² can benefit your learners and your organization

Caveo Learning has 17-year track record of award-winning service that's culminated in exponential business growth.

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