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The 2020 **VIRTUAL** ATD-Central Indiana Chapter Learning Summit

Friday, November 20, 2020


Onboarding Reimagined: Experience Design to Create Authentic New-Hire Moments

If you want to create a great onboarding program, stop focusing on the tools, focus on the experience. This session will show how you can apply an experience design methodology to design and deliver a consistent, engaging new hire experience through authentic and personalized moments.

Participants who attend this session will learn how to: discern mindsets, actions, and goals that will drive a positive onboarding experience for new hires; deliver audience-specific, engaging moments to new hires that authentically bring an onboarding experience to life; and create onboarding assets and deliverables that prompt desired actions, mindsets, and organizational outcomes.

Grant Simmons is passionate about combining experience design and empathy to improve people performance. Grant spent the last nine years in the people space; including global talent management, learning, and organizational development. He also served as an HR business partner and led enterprise-wide change projects. Prior to TiER1, Grant spent five years leading others in landscape operations at the largest landscape company in the world; including managing a $2 million snow removal operation.
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