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Launching a Training Program When You Don't Know Where to Start

Dani Wernert

About the session: This session is for those that are interested in creating a training program for

their company but may be overwhelmed with where to start. There are so many thoughts that can

quickly spiral and defeat the motivation someone may have to initiate such a large task. Program

manager Dani Wernert will cover the background of how we founded the Peterman Brother's Top

Tech Academy, and participants will leave with a plethora of examples, and starting points to get

their future programs up and rolling.

About the speaker: Dani Wernert is the Program Manager and co-founder at Peterman Brothers'

Top Tech Academy, a trade school for HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing technicians. She

graduated from Franklin College with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. The opportunity

for creative autonomy in an industry-revolutionizing concept, building your own talent, has

flourished her passion for learning and development and helping others launch their training


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