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Leadership for a New World – Lessons from a Reiki Master

Ashley Castle Barnes

About the session: What if we’ve actually been doing leadership wrong? It’s becoming clearer than ever that modern leadership demands more than a top-down, productivity-based, corporate paradigm where leaders are “in charge”. It demands more than a focus on force-fitting outward behavior into a prescribed set of skills or competencies that attempt to define success for people. We can do better. And we must do better, which is why we’re here. In this session, Ashley Barnes will share her unique insights as both a corporate L&D professional AND a “Reiki Master” that can help us break free of old models, and bring forth holistic approaches to integrate healthier, more impactful and inclusive, and human-centered strategies for growth. For everyone.

About the speaker: Ashley Castle Barnes is a multi-passionate creative who leverages her unique and varied experiences as a neurodiverse learning and development leader, holistic coach, poetry author, and Reiki Master/Teacher to help others to uncover their true potential and find unconventional paths to success. To learn more about Ashley, buy one of her books, join a program, or book her to speak, visit her website at ashleycastlebarnes.com.  

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