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The 2021 ATD-Central Indiana Chapter Learning Summit

Friday, November 19, 2021


The Six Keys to Confident Change Management

Organizations of all sizes are in a period of turmoil and transition, making effective change management more important than ever. With all the conflicting advice and change models out there, it can sometimes be hard to determine what’s important and what isn’t. This webinar makes the complicated simple by giving you the six keys you need to open the doors to change. The Six Keys to Confident Change Management draws from decades of experience across numerous disciplines, from psychology and neurology to systems thinking and beyond. Whether you’re doing a process improvement or reimagining your entire organization through digital transformation, you’ll learn the keys you need to be confident and successful with any change you’re trying to accomplish.

Robert Bogue has led change projects for three decades. 

 changed the technology. He’s the author of 28 books and has been a Microsoft MVP for 18 years. His work As a recovering technologist, he’s changed the way people work as he

has transformed corporations, government, and quasi-government organizations. It’s not about the technology, but he leverages his strength in technology and human systems to create change that is sustainable and transformative for organizations of all sizes and shapes. Follow him at https://ThorProjects.com or https://ConfidentChangeManagement.com.

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