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ATD-CIC is so proud of all the recognition received for our accomplishments. Take a look at all the chapter has accomplished and join one of the best ATD Chapter's in the nation for an upcoming event!

CARE and Membership Star and Super Star Status!

Our ATD-Central Indiana Chapter consistently achieves Chapter Affiliation Requirements (CARE) to maintain our chapter's charter and ensure proper operational practices. Approximately half or our members are also members of ATD National!

This recognition indicates the Chapter successfully meets all 18 required CARE elements and is recognized for 100 percent achievement of CARE. 

Chapter of the Month

The Central Indiana Chapter was recognized as ATD's Chapter of the Month in March 2023 for outstanding operations and innovative practices that add member value!

Champion of Learning Certificate of Recognition

The Central Indiana Chapter has been officially recognized by ATD National as a Champion of Learning! During Employee Learning Week in December 2018, ATD-CIC executed our Annual Holiday Networking Breakfast and a Microlearning on the Go! special workshops.

The Champion of Learning award recognizes our relentless efforts to provide our members with exceptional learning value.

Recognition Received February 2019

Chapter of the Month

The Central Indiana Chapter was recognized as ATD's Chapter of the Month in January 2017 for outstanding operations and innovative practices that add member value!

Chapter Excellence Award:

The Chapter Excellence Awards (CEA)recognize chapters that achieved excellence in three key areas of chapter development.

This award recognizes ATD-CIC's achievement in demonstrating the highest overall net growth rate of join chapter and ATD members in 2017 an increase of 30 joint members.

The Chapter received a $1,000 cash prize for this award in May during the Chapter Leader Day at the ATD International Conference and Exposition in San Diego.

Recognition Received May 2018

Chapter Value Proposition

The Central Indiana Chapter of the Association for Talent Development (ATD), formerly ASTD, was recognized for its Chapter Value Proposition submission to the ATD “Sharing Our Success” (SOS) program. The national SOS program identifies best practices among local ATD chapters and uses them as models for other chapters. 

Leslie Scarpace, Chair of ATD’s Chapter Recognition Committee said, "This recognition honors the Central Indiana Chapter’s best practice that demonstrates its commitment to managing a successful organization as well as advancing the talent development profession at the local level. We are honored to recognize the chapter with ATD's SOS recognition."

Recognition Received December 2021

Making Connections at ALC:

Each year, ATD hosts an annual Leadership Conference for chapter leaders from around the country, to connect with colleagues and learn how to effectively manage and govern their chapters. In 2017, ATD-CIC was able to send several new and seasoned board members. In an effort to encourage our board to build relationships with other chapter leaders, each one received a set of stickers with each of the United States. They were challenged to meet and connect with other conference attendees during meals, sessions and networking times and learn about their chapter, board role and where they were from. After connecting, they were to share a sticker from their chapter’s state so they could display it on their name badge for the rest of the conference! The ATD-CIC board member who made the most connections (got rid of the most stickers!) was the winner of the challenge. The stickers were fun conversation starters and made quite an impression throughout the conference! As a result, our chapter leaders were able to build relationships, learn about other chapters’ successful practices, share ideas and enjoy themselves.

Recognition Received February 2018

Bundling Conferences:

The chapter bundled its annual Learning Summit registration with the a complimentary one-year ATD-CIC chapter membership. To attract more exposure from the human resources community, the chapter also signed up as a supplier for the Indiana HR Conference (via SHRM) to target larger employers in the area and market chapter events as a means for employees to fine-tune their learning and development skills. As a result, the chapter increased its membership and formed strategic partnerships within the local community.

Recognition Received December 2017

Member Engagement Punch Card:

Much like a “customer loyalty” punch card offered by many businesses, ATD-CIC launched a punch card program in May 2017 that allows members to accumulate “punches” for engagement in the chapter – attending programs, networking events or SIG meetings, volunteering, bringing a guest and other incentives. Not only does this provide an opportunity for members to get more involved and connected to ATD-CIC, but accumulating punches also enables the member to receive prizes, discounts and unlock other chapter opportunities!

Recognition Received July 2017

Best Places to Work:

In April 2017, ATD-CIC identified HR or Talent Development leaders at all companies recognized in the 2017 Indiana Best Places to Work program whose headquarters are within a one-hour driving radius of Indianapolis, IN. A handwritten note from the chapter President was sent to the identified contact person; if the recipient was not currently a member, a special offer to attend one complimentary chapter program was included with the note. The promo code created has been used multiple times for people who took advantage of the offer, and we have driven interest in programming, membership and volunteer opportunities. We will also be utilizing this prospective member information to provide a special offer to our annual conference, the Learning Summit, to boost attendance and drive additional interest in our chapter.

Recognition Received July 2017

Recruit > Engage > Retain:

In order to effectively prioritize chapter leadership responsibilities, programs and initiatives, the ATD-CIC board recognized that all chapter activities and processes should clearly align to three primary pillars:

  • Recruit new members and grow chapter membership
  • Engage and involve new members
  • Retain existing members to increase annual renewals

Starting in 2016, we adopted these pillars as the foundation for our annual strategic planning meeting. This has significantly helped chapter leaders to understand their roles, set and achieve effective, realistic goals and easily communicate progress throughout our membership.

Recognition Received July 2017

Engagement Through New Member Orientation:

With the wide variety of programming and opportunities now available through our thriving chapter, it was clear that new members were unsure where to “jump in” and make the most of their ATD-CIC membership. To address this, our Vice President of Membership and President-Elect developed a New Member Orientation program to complement the informal “welcome” new members received upon joining the chapter.

Need addressed: Directly addressed member survey feedback where some members indicated that they were unsure of what programming, networking opportunities and other member benefits were available to them upon joining ATD-CIC.

Recognition Received October 2016

Board Communication & Accountability

It’s no secret that chapter leaders are extremely busy – juggling work and family commitments, along with chapter leadership responsibilities. ATD-CIC was no different – to communicate more effectively, alleviate unnecessary emails, and to manage projects and chapter duties more efficiently, the ATD-CIC board implemented Basecamp, an online collaborative work platform, to streamline chapter leadership and communication among the team. 

Need(s) addressed: Chapter leaders are flooded with their own work and personal emails. By adopting Basecamp, unnecessary emails have been reduced by over 75% and the confusing “did I copy you into that email thread??” situations have been essentially eliminated altogether!

Recognition Received October 2016

Under The Hood: Employee Learning At the World's Largest Children's Museum

In an effort to provide relevant, experiential learning and professional opportunities for our members and other Talent Development practitioners in Central Indiana, we are always looking for creative programming ideas. We are fortunate to have the World’s Largest Children’s Museum, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, right in our backyard.  The Children’s Museum is known for their outstanding, innovative approach to employee learning for museum staff. Their Director of Training, Deb George, was gracious enough to invite us in for a behind-the-scenes peek at learning in action!

Need addressed: The purpose of this program was to provide a unique setting for one of our monthly educational programs, allowing participants to learn first-hand how all TCM employees, from exhibit staff to parking garage attendants, become proficient experts on various exhibits to provide a world-class experience for Museum guests of all ages.

Recognition Received October 2016

New Member Welcome Postcard

In an effort to continue growth and engagement of the Central Indiana Chapter, a new member welcome postcard initiative was put into place in February 2016. When a professional renews their membership with the chapter (2016 only) or becomes a new member with the chapter, they receive a welcome postcard signed by each member of the Board of Directors. The postcard contains a welcome message thanking the new member for their investment in their own personal development, encourages them to check out all the benefits their membership offers them, and extends contact information of the chapter’s leadership to connect. Members have expressed their gratitude in receiving a signed card in the mail with a warm welcome and encouragement to connect with board members at upcoming programs. Additional programs have been added across the chapter to increase engaged membership and to date an overall increase of 14% has resulted in the combined efforts. The chapter is excited to continue its growth and engagement of new and current members.

Recognition Received September 2016

Idea Swaps in Coffee Shops

Our annual member survey indicated that our members wanted both formal programming AND networking opportunities. To offer a hybrid of the two formats, we created the “ATD-CIC Idea Swap.” This offering occurs once per quarter, and is open to members and non-members at no charge (participants do purchase their own food/beverage). We meet at various coffee shops around Indianapolis at 7:00 a.m. for facilitated discussion on two main topics:

  1.  What are you currently working on? (attendees share and ask for ideas with a certain aspect of their project – eLearning, performance management, onboarding programs, management training, etc)
  2. What is your biggest challenge right now? How can we help? (attendees support, provide ideas and suggestions, give feedback, offer to make introductions to other people, etc)

Through this casual, intimate setting, current and potential members become better acquainted, find value from like-minded professionals, and start the day with a caffeine AND an ATD-CIC boost!

Recognition Received December 2016

Let ATD Take You Out to the Ballgame

To celebrate our rebranding from CIASTD to ATD-CIC in spring/summer 2015, we wanted to provide a fun, evening event to network and have fun with our members in a non-traditional setting. After considering multiple venues and options, it was decided to spend an evening at the ballpark with our local minor league baseball team, the Indianapolis Indians.

In order to gain support and engagement for our newly-branded chapter look, feel and purpose, it was imperative that we follow some standard change management practices. Communication and celebration were essential components of this plan, and it proved to be a highly successful event!

Recognition Received December 2016

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